Emancipation of Mims

Lord, thank you for the talent and appetite. :)

Aside from missing home and my sister @aiymstweets (who relentlessly cooks pasta for me), I got inspired by thefatkidinside blog and so I hit the groceries for a bottle of olive oil, 2 packs of pasta and some Italian seasoning. The next thing I know, I was roaming around the most unfamiliar wet market in the west (Thank God they understand English) buying fresh shrimp, “infectious” shiitake mushrooms and boneless chicken breast for my pasta (for variations) on an early Sunday morning (Yes, my precious Sunday morning!!). 

I want to invest more on cooking but I guess, space is one of the things I have to consider first especially that I only rent. Well, time is another thing because I have a crazy work schedule (Saturdays are for losers) and definitely, a company would help so someone could tell me if I cook well or I cook just fine or I cook enough or I can cook at least. LOL 

Cooking my own food makes me feel loved and healthy. I am not saying that I don’t love fats and chocolates (hihi*_*) but I’m sure I’m the only person who touches my food. Done.

Thanks, Erwan. I have realized that I can cook my way to fitness, too! (Well, it’s not bad to have pasta like thrice a week, right? T_T) 

Must visit——-»> http://vimeo.com/39623513 

BTW, Erwan is such a nice name. Don’t you think, emmanGubs

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